Get Bermuda Triangle Movie Pics

Get Bermuda Triangle Movie Pics. After a storm in the caribbean causing a shipwreck, a family is stranded in an island in the bermuda triangle. Directed by rené cardona jr.

Get Bermuda Triangle Movie Pics
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The bermuda triangle is a 1978 mexican horror movie. When the investigative angle adds to it then the movie can be more appealing. Triangles have 3 angles and sides.

Triangles have 3 angles and sides.

Professor bruce denardo attempts to prove whether there is any truth behind the legend of the bermuda triangle, where many ships and planes have disappeared in mysterious circumstances. One day scrooge is at his money bin counting his morning assets, when huey, dewey, and louie show up, reminding him to get ready to go on their fishing trip. Bermuda triangle exposed' explores the most deadly and unexplained marine graveyard on earth. Lost in the bermuda triangle 1998 (tv movie) syfy hd.