36+ Dok Level 3 Questions Pics

36+ Dok Level 3 Questions Pics. 2 k lafs.k.rl.2.4 with prompting and support, ask and answer questions about unknown words in a text. Apply the concepts for writing entertaining texts and write your own

36+ Dok Level 3 Questions Pics
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Analyze the similarities and differences of an issue, event, or problem. Requires reasoning, planning, using evidence, and a higher level of thinking than the previous two levels. Apply information from one text to another text to develop a persuasive argument.

At all dok levels students are expected to write and speak using standard english conventions.

The dok level should be assigned based upon the cognitive demands required by the central performance described in the objective. The four levels of the depth of knowledge framework. Why does it happen the way it does? Develop questions to determine if a text is entertaining dok 3: